2017 LHS Site Council Elections

Ballots due no later than May 23, 2017

Cast your vote for one (1) parent representative to the LHS Site-Based School Council.

The LHS Site-Based School Council is seeking one (1) LHS parent volunteer to each serve a three-year term starting in 2017-2018. A parent representative must have a child enrolled at LHS throughout the length of their term.

The purpose of the School Council is to work collaboratively with the Principal to develop school improvement plans consistent with system wide goals and student performance standards set by the Massachusetts Board of Education. Council members plan ways to meet the diverse learning needs of students; establish a school climate of tolerance and respect for every individual; involve parents in the life of the school; impact safety and discipline; enhance extracurricular activities and more.
The Council is composed of five LHS parents, four faculty, two community representatives, two students and the Principal.

Voter Eligibility: Parents and guardians of current 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grade students are eligible to vote. Each parent/guardian in a household can cast a vote.

• Each voter must complete a separate ballot.
• Vote for NOT more than ONE candidate.
• The candidate receiving the highest number of votes will serve for a term of three (3) years (if eligible) ending in June 2020.
• Candidate statements can be found on the LHS PTO website at https://lhspto.org/lhs-site-based-school-council-election-2017/

• Paper ballots must be signed to be valid.   2017 LHS School Council Paper Ballot

Mail paper ballot to: Kara Brandes, 3 Davis Road, Lexington MA 02421
Ballots must be signed and received by Tuesday, May 23, 2017 by mail or brought to the PTO Forum (7:00 PM, in the LHS Media Library, Room 147) by that date.

Electronic votes must be cast by 10pm on May 23, 2017. See link above for casting votes on-line.
CANDIDATES (in alphabetical order) – vote for not more than ONE candidates:

Archan Basu, Erdogan Cesmeli, Rina Kodendera, Edward Li,Linda Boardman Liu, Dan Strollo